BTW the YouTube embedding seems to be a little funky so if you're having trouble getting to the Tailwind segment, it's at about 2:19 in the video.

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Glad anytime someone feels happy about contributing to big ideas.

And your enthusiasm for this project may make Google happy.

But have you checked in with the rest of society?

Or is this model based on Google's street view, where they drove around taking pictures of everyone's home without permission and then said to Congress here is your campaign contribution, and by the way we don't want any regulations.

Is that your secret's plan, too?

It sure seems like Google and Microsoft big tech are happy to steal everyone's thinking over years and just feed it all in to your and other ai with no qualms.

Look at how badly that's turned out for everyone except the top 30% in the world so far. Super polarized society and billionaires building feudal empires while the rest of us pick up the pieces in homelessness, suicide, gun violence and polarized, insulated politicians

I read Naomi Klein in The Guardian this week, and personally will be voting no, and organizing against these giant corporations digital theft model.

In case you haven't read her op ed, let me know what I'm missing.



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May 22·edited May 22

What's great about this is that it brings back to the fore the art / science of 'curation'. We have 'notaries' and 'apositilles' to give legal standing to documentation, verifying the the reliability of what those documents purport to be. AI built on scraping garbage will still produce garbage, only much quicker and amplify the junk at far greater rates. If tailwind stacks up and enables a verified curation from the outset, then arguably our starting positions for this what is a very interesting wide scale scraping plagiarism tool, should be more fit for purpose

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First you get me hooked on DevonThink from your blog post. Then realize my daily / weekly notes are a sort of commonplace book, so I shape them a little more like that. But, I have over 70k papers, articles, etc. in DevonThink now and it still works rather well. I also have +4k notes in a folder (also pulled into DT). I have a large project I started in 2008 that I've been working on that were it a book as a short version would be 1,200 pages (working on non-book ways to get it out).

Throwing Tailwind at this to ask questions and get summaries and cross domain adjacent possible collisions would be great.

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I've had an increasingly dim view of Google of late, but I cannot deny the incredible utility of Gmail and Gsuite, and yes, Google Search. But Project Tailwind is exactly what I've been looking for as a tiny author who hasn't to date, indexed all my disparate writing. That "all" I have to do is to get my various articles into a Tailwind folder on Gdrive... and then I can run queries against it (and new stuff that I just dump into Gdrive, wow... that's powerful tool.

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Fascinating. Cannot wait to try out Tailwind.

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ah wow looks great - love the way you can plug in your notes or trusted sources and mine them.

I am a dyslexic Scrivener fan, have loved Devonthink and am a constant dabbler in zettelkasten. To be able to interrogate these notes would be amazing. As someone who struggles with writing the LLMs offer an interesting strategy, the future sure is going to be interesting. Keep up the great and important work :)

(Shame I'm not in the US) :(

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That embedded clip isn’t working for me - do you the time the - presentation starts

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